This time, may it stick (Day 1)

I have known for a year and a half that I need to sort out my drinking problem. I’ve had so many day 1’s in that time it makes my head spin. The longest I’ve gone is a little over 30 days and it was amazing! I had started to not think about it anymore (the ultimate goal for me) and was feeling great.

The problem is, I don’t know how to make it “stick”. The concept of accountability is coming up more and more often in my quit lit reading and I’m not ready to out myself to friends and family, so I’m hoping this blog will help.

I actually created this blog at the end of December, intending to go for 100 days until I got back my sober sparkle, as Brené Brown wrote here last year: I didn’t get there.

But – 100 days seems like a magic number, and I want to do it. Here’s what sucks about drinking:
– that low-level feeling of despair
– hangovers, obviously
– feeling impatient with my amazing kids
– wanting to nap all day
– having a fat gut
– lying to myself and the shame that brings
– all sorts of little health nags I assume will go away once I stop poisoning myself

So, here’s to another day 1. This time, may it stick!

8 thoughts on “This time, may it stick (Day 1)

  1. congrats on this BIG decision ! It was super hard for me to come out to people too, so I just said I was “on a 30 day challenge” at first, and by the time I was 30 days in I built up the courage to say “I wanna keep doing this for a bit longer”, but by then most people were used to me not drinking and it was no biggie 🙂 9 months later I feel like a different person, way more sparkly !!!! xxx Anne

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      1. yep, I did exactly that and it really helped 🙂 Down the line it just means we have to work on our shame. But for now, just not drinking its all that counts 🙂 you can do ittttt ! xxx Anne

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