Crabby but hangover-free (Day 2)

I’ve done day 2 many times, and usually it ends up about the same: no hangover, but I feel very impatient and irritable. I’ve never drank so heavily that I have medically-concerning detox symptoms, mostly just a negative state of mind that mostly affects just me. According to this site, I can expect night sweats tonight. Not so bad!

Since I’ve been at day 2 so many times, I am trying to be extremely mindful of what hasn’t worked, where I go wrong, and what I can do differently. I got out on a walk today with the kids, on a trail not just a sidewalk, and tried to be really intentional about soaking in the feel of it all. I know there’s a link between nature and easing of depression symptoms so I figure it can’t hurt with whatever low space my mental health is in. I took a bunch of supplements this morning (milk thistle to help the ol’ liver, vitamin B which is apparently stripped away by booze, probiotics because the poison in booze annihilates one’s gut bacteria). I’m trying to focus on hydration. I could be doing better from a nutrition standpoint but oh well.

I’m also keenly aware of staying humble. I downloaded a sober counter app that includes quick hit encouragement on a bunch of topics and one I read said something like “there is no recovery without work”. I can’t start thinking I have this in the bag. I don’t. I can’t stop reading, and learning, and re-learning the same thing yet again. That’s a lot of my problem, is letting that sly wine witch speak silky-voiced lies into my subconscious about having been good for a few days, or deserving it, or whatever.

Bottom line for me, always, is that my life is better when I don’t drink. It’s not terrible when I do. I have no horrid rock bottom stories (although plenty of cringe-worthy ones which I’m sure will come up later). But it’s better when I don’t.

Like Lewis David says in his Ten Day Alcohol Detox Plan, sobriety is my safe space. It is comforting, homey, and gives me a sense of well-being and goodness that are out of reach when I drink.

There’s no doubt that everything is better booze-free, so now I just need to get to the bottom of why oh WHY I keep going back to it when I know it’s just a big bottle of despair.

8 thoughts on “Crabby but hangover-free (Day 2)

  1. Crabby is good as NL says. It’s a reaction. And as everyone else has mentioned keep reading. You’re doing good! Try whatever works to stay sober. And remember to be kind to yourself too.

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  2. wow, awesome mentality 🙂 As you can see in my first posts, I certainly didn’t have it together like that, you’re doing great! Also, yep, apps and the little motivation quotes really helped me too, and being in nature, for SURE 🙂 Long story short, you’re doing everything right 🙂 xxx Anne

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  3. Great post and definitely keep on reading everything you can. I’d don’t read as much now but it was a huge part of my support in the initial three months. The question as to why we slip back when we know sober is better for us is a tough one really. You’ll see in here that many of us struggle and battle and try moderation. We also have so much gratitude for experiencing the huge benefits of sobriety. It’s not easy but it’s a much nicer way to live life in my humble opinion. But what do I know? Find out for yourself! Claire x

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