Sunshine and road trips – a trigger list (Day 6)

It was a gorgeous, sunny day yesterday at our family’s lake cabin and by FAR the hardest craving day I’ve had so far. I just kept imagining relaxing into a patio chair with something chilled and sparkly in my hand.

A few important learnings from this:

– I reimagined the scene with a fizzy grapefruit drink in my hand and it was still lovely. Actually, it was better, because the imaginary happy hour happened guilt-free and with the knowledge that I wouldn’t be releasing a nasty, thirsty demon harpy by cracking into some booze

– part of the reason it sounded amazing in my mind is because even if I was still drinking, the scene would not have actually played out like that. I have a 3.5 year old and 2 year old and sitting to relax with a beverage is not a thing that happens with them around. What I was craving was not so much the booze but the ability to sit and relax without having to break up squabbles or help put on shoes or fill up water cups or or or…

Today, we will travel the 7 hours in the car back home, which is another massive trigger for me. My kids are actually mostly really great on car rides, but it takes so much prep and effort for it to be good (snacks! Games! Downloaded shows! Singalongs!) that I’m pretty beat when we arrive. I usually crack open some wine to help ease off the stressed buzz of the journey and guide me into the blah of unpacking.

Here’s my plan on arrival to make this time different:

– practice deep breathing and mindfulness the whole way home
– chug a bunch of water when I arrive – I don’t hydrate a ton while we’re traveling to avoid even more stopping
– I know I have an O’Douls in the fridge. I’ve got an eye on that chilled out little baby
– I will practice gratitude at how much better I know I will feel tomorrow morning for the effort

Also, pre-writing this makes me REALLY not want to end up drinking and have to tell you all. That helps too. High five for accountability! 😀

15 thoughts on “Sunshine and road trips – a trigger list (Day 6)

  1. High five 🙌 right back at ya! You have this nailed and yep, accountability rocks. I’m loving reading your blog, seeing you start down the road of sobriety. I think it helps us to read about some of the experiences and reasons why we did this in the first place. Well done xx

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    1. Ps I do have AF drinks. Bananas have 0.5% alcohol in them I’m told 😂. I drink far less of them now and if it works for you .. cool. I find that one or two occasionally helps me get over that ‘oh if only I could sit and relax with a glass of wine …’ moment. X

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      1. It will get easier. Don’t look ahead to 100 days. I just focused on getting through a single day at first. Sometimes an evening. Sunday evenings were the worst for me. If you read my posts in the early days (and others that have commented here) it might help to know you do and can get through it. Sending love xx

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  2. Look at all those new experiences! Awareness of everyone and everything around me – that was new for me. Looks like you realize what you need to change and when. It’s a start, so keep it going. Can I give a suggestion? Get rid of the O’Douls because it does contain alcohol. Besides why stare are the temptation day after day. At some point you’re going to drink it, then think, “Why did I just do that?” There is no answer. If you’re like me and there is any alcohol around long enough given the right “bad day” timing, we’re bound to drink especially if its right in front of us.

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    1. For me, the AF beer isn’t a problem. I like beer but never drink it to get drunk. I never have hard liquor except on the rarest of occasions. My problem, 100%, is wine, which I never open without finishing the bottle. That’s what I need to avoid. I never have more than one AF beer either, and usually don’t end up finishing it. It’s just a treat for me that’s not herbal tea or pop to signal it’s time to relax. I do appreciate the tip though and would love to keep hearing more!

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  3. Yes, high five! Good job realizing what you were really craving! It’s hard when you have kids that age (wonderful, but hard) to get time for yourself to relax. I ended up going to bed when my daughter did or getting up at 5 am just to get some peaceful time to read and think. Hugs!

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  4. It’s so wonderful to read a freshly sober blog again… found you just now via “Finding A Sober Miracle.” Your plan sounds perfect. I’ve done much the same to get through. The non-alcoholic drinks were major for me especially in the beginning. Also the visualization and negation of cravings by forced reality checks, overwriting previous mentalities. Hugs and congrats on Day 6!!!!!! That is fabulous. Warrior on. 💛🦾🍵🔆🌻🌿🎉🙌😍🙏

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