Shakin’ it off

It’s been a busy few days and I haven’t been able to get back here to write, but you have all been on my mind constantly. The gratitude I feel for this beautiful little community is overwhelming! Your responses to me when I blogged hung over after a “failure” were some of the most wonderful words ever written to me.


Onward and upward. It’s been three new, fresh days. I’m excited. I’m so far untempted. I’m trying my damndest to get to the bottom of what went so wildly awry on Monday. Honestly – I’m narrowing in on blood sugar. I was doing a cleanse day thing with no food which I’ve done tons in the past pre-kids, but I’ve done it twice now post-kids and it’s ended horribly both times.

Have any of you reviewed the tapes of drinking blips and come up with triggers or situations you weren’t expecting to be the cause? I would love to hear!

That’s all I can manage tonight – hopefully can eke out more time for a decent post tomorrow. Until then, sleep well, all you lovely humans!

4 thoughts on “Shakin’ it off

  1. I agree with @clairei47. Concentrate on sobriety. Don’t make any major decisions, don’t start any major projects. Some of like to say, “Keep It Simple” because alcoholics make things difficult for themselves. I can relate to @clairei47 boredom is many times my mind might wander to the thought of drinking. Simply, any time I get into my own head alone – I’m in trouble. Sober or not, I make bad decisions. Over time this changes. In early sobriety, I bounced things off other people first. It’s okay to indulge, just not in excess. There is a tendency for addictions to switch from one addiction to another addiction (i.e. alcohol to drugs, alcohol to gambling [<–me], alcohol to overeating, etc.). Treat yourself now and then, there is nothing wrong about it. In reality we neglected ourselves when drinking because all we cared about was the who, what, where, when and how am I going to get it. Now that we're sober, we feel guilty because "we don't deserve it". The hell you don't. You've put yourself through hell and there is a rough road ahead. Accomplish a small goal or milestone and give yourself acknowledgement of a job well done – even if no one else is around. @clairei47 makes an excellent point, "focus on one thing and one thing only – no alcohol"! If you've done that for the day – you're a success, start again tomorrow and do the same thing.

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  2. My advice … don’t be trying out anything else diet wise or setting yourself any new goals when you are newly sober!!! It’s a recipe for falling off that wagon big style. Allow yourself the treats you want .. just for now. You can deal with it later. When I stopped drinking I had to have loads of sugar!!! I drank coffee, hot chocolate and sugary drinks for a while. I ate what I wanted. Don’t starve yourself if other stuff … this is really tough to do so focus on one thing and one thing only .. no alcohol.

    Boredom was my trigger. Bored .. so wanted to drink. Plus times when I might feel low or down .. I used to drink to squash that feeling. I didn’t know I did it, until I gave up and realised every Sunday evening I felt terrible. Usually I’d be pissed by 9pm. I had to deal with Sunday night blues and find a way to survive it! Who knew ..
    well done for shakin it off!! Xx

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