Sober treats (Day 4)

I’m not great at self care.

I blame it on being raised in a conservative Christian family where hard work and denial of self were the virtues that would catch a godly young woman a desirable husband (oh, have I mentioned the years of religious trauma that I need to unravel from that pesky old drinking problem?).

It feels like an indulgence, but not in a good way, in a guilty way, to spend too much time or money on me.

This obviously needs to change! So, here is a list of things I know to be quick-hits that make me feel good but aren’t going to break the bank:

– fancy coffee. Starbucks now charges me 6.50CAD for my particular brew. WORTH IT. Especially when I can order it ahead with some cake pops for the littles and go hang out at a playground.

– an overly hot bath, one that makes me drip sweat, and living dangerously by propping up my work iPad on the side to read Quit Lit

– kid candy – I’m talking the stuff that would make your 4-year old’s eyes widen in a shop: FunDip, Rockets, Runts. The more childish, the better

– going to bed early

– getting up early and having at least two leisurely cups of coffee before the toddler starts yelling to come out of his crib

– scented candles

– painted toenails. Where I live, it’s only warm enough for exposed toes about 4 months of the year but dammit, I want to treat my feet well!

– pinterest. My go-to searches are modern crochet and anything to do with DIY home decor

– deep breaths. This one sounds ridiculous to me, like I’m trying to impress you with my innate calm and spirituality. As a person who’s used to letting life swing her around by the emotions, deep breaths are such a beautiful thing for me. They help me feel a bit more in control.

Your turn to share yours: GO!

17 thoughts on “Sober treats (Day 4)

  1. Great list! Religion has a lot to answer for doesn’t it sometimes! Mine include cups of tea in bed in the morning, nice coffee, walks, riding, a really hot bath and baking (as long as it doesnt go too wrong!) and seeing my friends. Hope you get lots of nice things in just for you in the next few day’s! Xx💞💞

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  2. Yeeeeesss ! I love this. On my list you can also find: baking or cooking something a bit technical so I can be proud of my accomplishments at the end, painting my nails and seeing how many minutes I can go without biting them 🙂 , developing analog film, painting, meditating, petting my cat, COFFEE in the morning just like you, taking a slow gorgeous stroll during the spring, swimming, holding hands with my partner, caring foe my plants, sunbathing (though I know it is bad for your skin). I could go on for ages lol xxx Anne

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  3. Self Care is very important and I love your list. I too view a good coffee as a treat. Just remember how much you probably spent on booze and don’t deny yourself that sober treat if you really want it.
    It’s too easy to forget our needs in favour of others. However, not looking after your self-care can lead to that voice in your head that says drinking is a good idea because you’ve had a hard day and deserve it. xxx

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  4. Hit send instead of return😜
    Pinterest is a favourite of mine too, art, pencil, pen, anatomy, botanical, illustrations, illuminations, printmaking, inspiring men and women, artists, boats, food, diy, tiny homes, places to visit, things to buy, clothing, bliss,…

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  5. Love your list❤️
    Painted toenails are for you to look at and give yourself sheer delight. I think I might just join you.
    Self care and pampering ourselves seems selfish but it’s not at all. When our love reservoir is full it spills over and touches the next closet person.
    Self care softens us and makes us stronger at the same time.
    My partial list
    Bath salt baths with a book and candles
    Cuddle the cats
    Pomegranate tea
    Mexican coffee
    Masala chai
    All the above drinks served in a favourite mug or best tea cup
    Sitting in front of a log burner and watching the flames dance
    Freshly changed sheets and a fluffed up duvet

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      1. I painted my finger and toe nails thanks to you. I love looking at them. They help me to stop biting my finger nails again.
        Sober treats needs to be a weekly brainstorming session. I needed that reminder to treat myself. I changed the sheets last night and I love the feel. Why IS it so difficult to self care?


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