The thing I never, ever regret (Day 2)

I made this comment in a reply to Claire who I will learn how to tag eventually on here (I swear I’m tech savvy but oh well). I never, ever regret waking up sober.

I was telling her that it’s like working out: it can be really hard to get yourself to do it, but you never regret having done it. I honestly can’t think of a single sober morning that I wished I’d drank more (well, besides maybe in my early 20’s when I didn’t know better).

Then, when I started thinking about it, I realized I had more sober firsts under my belt than I realized:

– my brother’s wedding with an open bar. I was dating an alcoholic at the time who was on a sober streak so it was in solidarity. I remember taking a pic with the bride and bridesmaids drinking champagne while we prepped and I totally faked it. This won’t surprise you: I still had a ridiculously fun time! I also ended up meeting my future husband there although I didn’t know it at the time

– my husband’s 40th birthday. Maybe not a real sober first since I’d found out that morning I was pregnant with our first kid, but again – still a great time in spite of the sobriety! I DID wake up sick and nauseous but that was the little munckin’s fault, not booze’s. (Side note: she’s 3.5 and sitting next to me playing with her farm set while I write this. Yes, she and her little brother are my #1 why’s)

– work steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris with paired wine. Ok, that one was hard, but I was also two days sober at the time and KEENLY aware of it. That was also the event where I learned just how delicious an icy soda and lime is! That was also also the event where I learned that as a newbie in my industry, I am WAY better served by not being drunk at events like that. Who knew (she asked SUPER sarcastically)?

I still say stupid shit when I’m sober. I still fall down and hurt myself. I still dance terribly. I still wake up and pee too often. I still cringe at the dumb shit that comes out of my mouth. I still have trouble sleeping. I still have mediocre sex sometimes but it’s always with my husband! But none of those things are tinged with that extra edge of shame and despair because I was drunk at the time.

Oh, and I also have a lot of amazing sex sober too, certainly more than I ever had drunk! 😂

4 thoughts on “The thing I never, ever regret (Day 2)

  1. Really great post. I’m glad you enjoyed your fancy work dinner sober. I once attended a birthday celebration at the French Laundry with a table full of big drinkers and wine pairing. I can’t even remember the food past the 6 kinds of salt at the beginning! Happy Day 2/3! Today is day 30 for me this go around. I think it really helps to make lists like these to remind yourself of good sober things and bad drunk things. Keep going!! 🤗

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