Just another month on the calendar

I’ve been stressing a bit about the BIGness of getting through the holidays sober. I’ve been letting my mind wander to bad places, imagining drinking this Christmas the way I have in past years. My memory sugar-coats and romanticizes it, and I have to shake myself in reminder of what I know to be true about how I would drink if I could: copiously and destructively.

So, this led to a bit of an epiphany as I was looking at my sober app and congratulating myself on both September and November completely booze-free (October… different story…). December is just another month. Just another 31 days, of which I’ve already been sober for almost a third now.

A pandemic-silver lining, I’m recognizing, is zero parties (my province is on complete social lockdown) so I don’t have to face the challenge of normalized drinking in festive atmospheres. All I have to face is my own addictive voice, and I’m getting better and better at shutting her up.

I’m coming out of a short week of really tough emotions, and thankfully feeling better and better, and I’m going to cling to this thought when stress around sober holidays come up: it’s just another month. Just 21 days to go. No big deal.

And to make it through my first sober Christmas would be SUCH a coup, such a victory. I can do it, I know this! It’s just a month on the calendar.

12 thoughts on “Just another month on the calendar

  1. I found the anticipation of being sober for Christmas last year was much worse than the reality. In fact, waking up and feeling well was fantastic. I also loved when January 1st arrived. People feeling terrible and facing dry Jan … I was just delighted I’d made it through without a drink and knew if I could do that, I could take on the world. 😊😊. You got this! Xxx

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  2. Yes.
    Not much happening this Christmas. Rest and restore.
    Make sure there is no booze in the house and it will be easier. That little voice can really be convincing that hallmark movies would be so much better with wine (ha ha). It’s always worth protecting yourself.

    I do remember that first sober Christmas being very bright, but also a bit startling and tiring. Still, better than hungover and hard.



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