Things to look forward to

Thankful to Gr8ful Colette for inspiring me to do this: to write out all the things I have to look forward to with being sober.

  • pride in myself
  • energy in the mornings
  • fewer nagging skin/body irritations/aches
  • peace of mind
  • increased ability to be present with my small kids (they’re such amazing little humans and it breaks my heart sometimes how little patience I have for them when I’m hungover)
  • I will be a better partner to my husband and take on more of the stuff he shouldn’t have to do so much of because I just don’t have the energy
  • desire to eat well and move my body
  • time and mental space to work on some of the underlying stuff that got me addicted in the first place
  • money not spent on stupid shit – not just the wine but things like greasy fast food breakfasts
  • brain space to focus on other things besides obsessing about drinking
  • no nagging feelings of shame and regret – well, maybe for other reasons but that’s okay! 😀
  • a big, beautiful life

No one who’s well into sobriety ever says it’s not wonderful. I want to get there! These early days are just so uncomfortable. But you know what? They’re not painful. They’re not pure agony. They’re just uncomfortable and maybe a tiny bit of agony from time to time! Meaning, I can handle it!

TODAY I am sober. TODAY I will not drink.

13 thoughts on “Things to look forward to

      1. not thinking about drinking anymore is definitely my number one 🙂 self-discovery is number 2 🙂 I think the list keeps unfolding and changing as we keep moving forward on the path 🙂

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      2. I just read a memoir that really resonated with me call Mrs D is Going Without. Her follow up, which I assume covers your sober fave #2, is called Mrs D is Going Within. I’m really looking forward to that aspect of this! Clearing up some emotional s*** would be great! 😀

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  1. This is a great list and all realistic – the brain space is such a relief – no more hours debating with the wine witch. My kids were adults by the time I stopped drinking and that is my biggest regret in life – do this now for you and your kids – it’s the best gift you’ll ever give them 💞💞💞

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  2. Those are all great gains. And when you actually start to experiencing them for a time, you’ll see how worth it it is! All about mindset. You got this! 💕

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  3. You absolutely can handle it. 100%. It isn’t easy but it is most definitely worth it. Even when things are not great for me I know for a fact that dealing with it sober is easier and kinder. One of the things it has given me is some control. I still lose my shit and I can rant with the best of them but it’s not out of control. There isn’t regret and shame, wishing I hadn’t said or done something. Kicking myself for sending the stupid text. I never do that now. No regretful messages. Things don’t escalate like they did and THAT is a massive positive for me. Good luck and keep blogging xxx


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