Last day until 30 days

A sober friend recommended Annie Grace’s Live Alcohol Experiment to me and I am all signed up and ready to start tomorrow! I’ve read her 30 day experiment book and almost made it through but apparently this, with the online community aspect, is a different ball game.

I’m really excited!

One of the prework videos they have you watch talks about really fostering this excitement. It makes sense to me, the whole idea that where you’re looking is where you’ll go. If my focus is on it being a really great experience and chock full of learning, then it will become that.

Another prework video has you drink the way you normally would but observe what’s really happening in your brain during the whole process. I did this Friday night and some things stood out to me:

  • there was definitely an easing of tension the moment I decided I was going to drink (versus happening when I had the first drink itself)
  • I took my little guy to happy hour at a local restaurant (super tame spot, kid-friendly, don’t judge me!) and had a beer while sitting with him at a high top table. It was really fun! I was going to say that the beer added to it but I don’t think it was the beer itself, it was the environs and the one-on-one time with my guy and not having to cook or clean up. Any delicious beverage would have added to the experience
  • the wine I bought to drink at home when he was asleep wasn’t great at first but you KNOW I still finished it. The experience of being tipsy was nice but also anxious – I felt like I had to keep it going or I would drop and that was uncomfortable. When that bottle was done I absolutely would have started another if I’d had one

So, it was good to experience these things mindfully before going into the experiment.

I don’t really have any social events, not major ones at least, that will threaten the safety of my secure little brand-new sober bubble. Honestly, that’s the least of my issues with drinking, generally. Most of the time I pick up a bottle for no other reason than I let the anxious addictive voice get the upper hand.

My understanding of early days sobriety is that generally it takes about ten days for the purely physical symptoms of detox to wind down. I have made it ten days at least 3-4 times in the last year then cave. I’d really like to know why that’s such a key marker for me?

I’d love to hear your memories of early day sobriety if you’re willing! What stood out? How long did it take for your emotions and physical self to even out? What were the hardest challenges to staying sober?

15 thoughts on “Last day until 30 days

  1. Looking forward to your updates on this. I’ve been on the fence on trying this challenge as well.
    Good luck!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I think what was mentioned by the brilliant bloggers above is all great advice, especially about keeping the ritual and losing the booze. Also, substituting ways to decompress… take the time to exercise, journal, meditate or take an evening stroll. Dinner and homework can wait. Make sobriety your priority. And it took me several attempts too, before it finally stuck and the thing that made it stick was the mindset shift that alcohol does nothing positive for you. By my third attempt, I wanted to leave it behind for good. Best of luck and keep reaching out.

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  3. Good luck! I love your observations. In the early days the hardest thing was wine o clock after work especially on a Friday. I cooked, I ate, I cried, I drank AF beer and mocktails – keeping the ritual and losing the booze really helped, I read quit lit and my sober lessons and comments from the group on Kate Bees course and if all else failed I went to bed and slept so it would be morning again. It all got better with time and about 4 weeks in I realised I was done with alcohol. This was my 2nd time around and there’s been a lot to deal with since but the best thing I’ve ever done for myself – keep us posted! 💞💞💞

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    1. Oh the crying. It’s so good and so unexpected. I was thinking I should start rewatching This Is Us because that show makes me sob every g-d time! I’m halfway to your four-week realization mark and I’m kinda thinking that’s going to be my conclusion too. I’m just nervous to call it too early when I still may be in the sobriety puppy love stage.

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  4. For me the biggest hurdle has been that after ten days or so (we’ve tried doing a sober month three times in the past year) I start getting bored, feeling like this is pointless, feeling like “Fuck it, Life’s short”, feeling like I can moderate. But all the slip ups have definitely taught us a lesson – we need to go long enough so that not drinking is the norm – at least 6 months – to really feel that we’ve made a change and see long term benefits.

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    1. For sure! The dream for me is a year, plus a few big events like weddings. If I know I can get through all the seasons and life’s big events without it, then that is a HUGE storehouse of confidence backing me going forward.

      Btw, the “fuck it, life’s short” emotion is what usually does me in too. I’m going to start telling myself Yes, it IS short. Too short to waste being zombied out!


  5. I also did the experiment and read the book. I recommend it to everyone who is starting out. The biggest thing for me was just sitting with all those emotions that the fog let me escape from. For those first few weeks make plans for those happy hour(s) time. Be very kind to yourself and keep the faith. I immersed myself into this community and read many get sober books. Reach out to us here. I have several blog entries on my site around my experience. You can do this😊

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    1. Thanks, Dwight! That’s awesome you did the experiment too. Even though the contact has a ton of overlap with the book, I’m finding it really helpful to know I’m with a community of people watching the same stuff at the same time.


  6. Well Sparkle, I think the physical withdrawal stuff was not the big deal for me, it was the powerful psychological associations that almost tripped me up. For weeks every Friday and Saturday the anxiety would build. I drink on Fridays, I had for 40 years. That was what I had to fight and it lasted months and I knew I just had to ride that wave of near compulsion to drink. I distracted, tried different activities , created new drinks, exercised whatever it took to break that association of weekend= drinks. It worked eventually but you have to be prepared for a tough ride, but IT’S WORTH IT! 😀

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  7. My first 2 weeks was like I was walking through quick sand. I was so so tired and tearful. Now 50 days in I’ve got bundles of energy. I’ve found I’ve tried new things I’d never normally have tried drinking, like early morning swimming. I’ve also eaten so much delicious cake 😂
    So excited to watch your journey. I’m sort of jealous you get to go through all these changes as I’ve loved the transformation. Good luck and keep us updated. One day at a time, you’ve got this


  8. I could always finish an alcoholic drink or a bottle of wine even if it didn’t taste very nice. I wouldn’t do that with a non alcoholic drink! I’m excited for you, it is an exciting thing to do. That’s a great attitude to have about it as well.

    My first hurdle was getting over the ‘drinking at home’ habit. I had to find other things instead. Chocolate helped and also alcohol free drinks. Not everyone supports this but I found it invaluable. I discovered a couple of AF wines that I drank a lot in the initial stages but much less now. Also the AF spirits with nice mixers. It really gave me a bridge to move from drinking booze to nothing. It helped with the cravings. The best feeling ever was just under 2 weeks in and I woke up on a Thursday morning, with a day off work. Instead of turning over, leaving my boys to sort themselves out for school and then going back to sleep until mid morning or later, I got up out of bed, dressed, had breakfast with the boys and went to the gym, I had energy all day and I felt really good. For the first time in years. That’s when I realised I was finished with alcohol.

    Good luck. We are all supporting you. Enjoy 😊 xx

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